Ferry Flicks “Sixteen Candles”

Ferry Flicks “Sixteen Candles”

Join us for Ferry Flicks at the Fort Point Beer Garden on Friday nights in May at sundown!

This season of Ferry Flicks is dedicated to some of our favorite films about birthdays – a nod to Fort Point’s 10 Year Anniversary celebration this year.

“Sixteen Candles”

A girl’s sixteenth birthday is forgotten by her family who are distracted by the upcoming wedding of her older sister, and to compound things, she has a crush on a popular older classmate and is suffering the unwanted attentions of a sophomoric geek.

Film begins around 8 PM.

Tickets include picnic table seating inside the Fort Point Beer Garden and snacks (as indicated per ticket).

Seating is limited, so register early! Know before you go:

– The screen will be located on the FERRY BUILDING NORTH PLAZA, perfectly viewable from the Fort Point Beer Garden.

– It gets chilly on the SF waterfront, so be prepared! Bring jackets and blankets to stay cozy.

– Purchase additional snacks and candy inside the building before the show. (Check individual shop hours here.)


May 3rd after sunset


Fort Point Beer Garden (North Plaza)