Ferry Building Food Tours

The Ferry Building Marketplace is proud to announce the addition of a Ferry Building operated food and history tour of the marketplace this January.

The tasting tours will only be offered on 3 days, and be given on quieter times, allowing the Ferry Building Marketplace to provide tours that will reduce crowding and allow the knowledgeable staff of each shop the opportunity to be involved in the dialogue.

The tours will be conducted by long time Ferry Building members, giving attendees an opportunity to garner firsthand insider knowledge. This food tasting tour focuses on the history of the building, the merchants, the sustainable farmers, and the community that supports them.

Held Wednesdays, January 18 and 25, and Friday January 27, the one tasting tour a day starts at 3pm and will last two hours. The tours will include history of the building and the area and tastes at nine shops, bringing guests closer to those who have made the Ferry Building Marketplace a world-renown venue.

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