Urban Tides: A San Francisco Story

Urban Tides: A San Francisco Story

Voss Gallery and the Ferry Building are thrilled to announce, “Urban Tides: A San Francisco Story,” an unprecedented open call seeking to illuminate the vibrant soul of the Bay Area through the lenses of its most creative artists.

This juried group exhibition aims to capture the unique narrative of San Francisco—a city where the pulse of urban energy harmoniously blends with the allure of natural beauty. By featuring some of the Bay Area’s most compelling artistic talents, this event not only offers a prestigious platform at Voss Gallery but also provides 20 of the showcased artists an extraordinary opportunity to magnify their work at the iconic Ferry Building.

“Urban Tides: A San Francisco Story” embodies a celebration of the region’s enchanting essence and the Ferry Building’s enduring legacy as a landmark of innovation, elegance, and a gateway to the heart of San Francisco. Join us in showcasing the dynamic and diverse stories that make the Bay Area an epicenter of artistic excellence.

Open call for art submissions open now through May 12th! Click here for details and application.

Featured image credit: Artist Josh Hailey


Open call for art submissions open now through May 19th