Governor Gavin Newsom – Ben and Emma’s Big Hit

Governor Gavin Newsom – Ben and Emma’s Big Hit

Stop by Book Passage for a special event with Governor Gavin Newsom!  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to meet and take a photo — and to get his newest children’s book signed!

Inspired by Governor Newsom’s own lifelong struggles with dyslexia, with illustrations by Alexandra Thompson, Ben and Emma’s Big Hit tells the story of Ben, a kid who loves baseball and wants to fit in at school, even when his dyslexia sometimes holds him back. With the help of his teacher Ms. Kim and his classmate Emma, who also has learning challenges, Ben learns that everyone has difficulties and everyone has talents, and that even when things are hard, dedication and determination make a difference. The book’s text is printed in OpenDyslexic font to help people with dyslexia read it more easily.

Governor Newsom will be donating all proceeds of Ben and Emma’s Big Hit to the International Dyslexia Association to help create a future for all kids who struggle with dyslexia in which they have access to the tools and resources they need to thrive.

Governor Newsom said, “Tens of millions of Americans struggle with dyslexia – including me. My dyslexia was particularly difficult when I was a kid. I wondered why my younger sister quickly finished her homework while I struggled. Reading aloud in front of the class filled me with heart-pounding fear and anxiety. My self-esteem and my grades suffered until I learned about dyslexia and strategies for dealing with it; so I wrote this book in hopes of helping support young people struggling with learning disabilities.”

Gavin Newsom is the 40th Governor of California. He previously served as the 49th Lieutenant Governor of California and as the 42nd Mayor of San Francisco. Newsom attended Santa Clara University, where he majored in political science and was a left-handed pitcher for Santa Clara’s baseball team. Follow him on Twitter @GavinNewsom

Alexandra Thompson is an illustrator, author, and maker living in the Oxford Hills of Maine. Her debut picture book, A Family for Louie, releases June 9th, 2020. In addition to picture books, Alexandra also works with clients creating illustrations and textile designs for children’s apparel. Visit her online at and on Instagram @alexandraco_illustration