Floral Art Installation BloomSF

Floral Art Installation BloomSF

Snap your photo inside this beautiful floral sculpture by Raul Duenas Floral Design! Inspired by love in the Golden Gate City, this must see art installation features a rainbow of fresh flowers and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Located just off of the Bayside Prominade, inside the Marketplace between Cholita Linda and Delica.

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Raúl Dueñas

An immigrant to the United States at the age of 18 , from Santa Rosa de lima, Unión de Tula, In the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

His career started as co-owner of a business that initiated his debut in the world of weddings, at the same time working at the San Francisco Flower Market. He held a sales position with American Flower Brokers that open the opportunity to meet and collaborate with different floral designers. Through his work and love for the industry he gradually gain a place as a lead designer in Asiel Design. At the same time began his own independent project which he is now the founder of RAUL DUEÑAS FLORAL EVENT DESIGN, serving locally in the Bay Area and internationally, offering destination weddings in his native state of Jalisco, Mexico.

“This Floral installation is inspired on the love that blossomed in San Francisco the day my husband proposed to me and we celebrated it at the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Love wins – let’s bloom in love in San Francisco!”