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Author Event and Book Signing: Rebecca West – Happy Starts at Home


What does it take to be happy at home? It’s not about buying or not buying a new couch—it’s about whether your home is working for you in the best way. Your home can directly improve your well-being and contentment with better health, sleep, and relationships, and ultimately decrease your stress levels to increase your all-round happiness. Design expert Rebecca West helps you to learn how to achieve a geographical cure without actually relocating and how to redecorate so you can feel best in your space. Along with beautiful photographs, there are a variety of self-assessment activities to connect your financial, emotional, and physical health to your space to ensure it nurtures your vision—and while doing so, investing your time and money more effectively, too. With the valuable advice in Happy Starts at Home, you can commit to a philosophy of buying fewer things and doing more to discover what’s holding you back, in order to find joy and create a home that makes you smile.

Rebecca West is an award-winning design psychology coach and interior designer with 12 years of experience running her company, Seriously Happy Homes. An incurable optimist on a mission to help as many folks as possible get happy—at home and in life—she has worked with almost 2,000 clients and mentored dozens of aspiring designers and eager entrepreneurs. A speaker and business coach, Rebecca serves on the board of Heritage Design School. She has been featured in magazines like Live Happy and Success Magazine, and on various TV shows and podcasts. Find her on Instagram: @beseriouslyhappy.