Author Event and Book Signing: Andrew Blotky – Honestly Speaking

Author Event and Book Signing: Andrew Blotky – Honestly Speaking

Communication is the foundation of leadership, cultures, and relationships. It’s at the core of being more fully yourself. Yet communication is one of the primary challenges of our time at work, at home, and online. Even though we have more tools at our fingertips than ever before, we still struggle to be heard and connect with others.

Honestly Speaking will revolutionize the way you lead, love, and live your life by shifting the way you communicate. Through a simple change in mindset and easy-to-use frameworks for life’s most common scenarios, you’ll be able to find more common ground with those you interact with and communicate far better, with confidence and authenticity in any context.

In Honestly Speaking, Andrew Blotky shares lessons and tools developed through his years as a leader, teacher, coach, and friend. He’s developed new, relatable tools to help you speak honestly with everyone in your life, from the teams you lead to the people you love.

Andrew Blotky is a leadership and communications expert. He has worked directly with leaders and teams at the highest levels of the corporate world, academia, and national politics. Andrew built and led the global employee communications team at Facebook. He has worked in political communications in the White House, the US Congress and in a variety of nonprofit organizations. Andrew now leads an executive coaching and consulting firm—the Azure Leadership Group—specializing in leadership development, culture, and communications. Blotky holds a BA and JD from Stanford University, and is also a trained mindfulness and yoga teacher. He lives in San Francisco.

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