Cheesemonger Round Up At Sidekick Monday through Friday from 3:30pm-6:30pm

Cowgirl Creamery is excited to have launched a new menu at their Sidekick Café focusing on their most popular cheesy items and introducing their new interactive cheese-tasting experience: The Cheesemonger Roundup. Monday through Friday from 3:30pm-6:30pm, guests can have an engaging experience with a Cowgirl cheesemonger who, after a chat about preferences and interests, will prepare a bountiful cheese plate of one, three, or five cheeses plus accoutrements. Accompanied by tasty pairings of local beers and wines, it is a fun and delicious way to explore new flavors in the artisan cheese world.

Lots Of Lovely Treats At Cowgirl Creamery For Valentine’s Day

Cowgirl Creamery has a few exciting things coming to Cowgirl Creamery for Valentine’s Day, and will be featured the weekend PRIOR to Valentine’s Day! The cheese shop will have a Date Bag which contains: All for just $45! It includes Cowgirl Creamery Heart’s Desire, Vella Dry Jack (with cocoa on the rind), Sottocenere (Italian truffle cheese), Pate de Fruit (assorted flavors), and Effie’s Cocoa cakes! They also will have have Cowgirl Heart’s Desire (Heart shaped Mt. Tam) for a limited time. ($27.95/lb). And they will be selling Truffle Tam as a cut-to-order on the Saturday prior to Valentine’s Day (2/10) and on Valentine’s Day itself ($31.00/lb). Cowgirl Creamery will also have two new heart shaped cheeses from Capriole Farms in Indiana – Chocolate goat’s cheese with bourbon, pecans, and raisins ($13.45 ea). And a pink peppercorn crusted goat’s cheese ($11.95ea). And in their Sidekick shop, Cowgirl will be featuring Mushroom Truffle Marscapone Grilled Cheese of the Weekend, with Cowgirl’s Wagon Wheel.

Cowgirl Creamery’s Thanksgiving Collection

This is a time to give thanks for all that we love…..

It is with this in mind we share with you a platter of gratitude

From Cowgirl Creamery’s family to yours, a selection of cheeses for the Thanksgiving Table:

Their seasonal winter cheese, Devil’s Gulch; organic Jersey cows milk cheese covered with sweet and spicy pepper flakes from All-Star Organics; Flora a grassy and creamy soft-ripened goat cheese; San Andreas, a local raw, sheeps milk cheese in a Tuscan pecorino style and Bishop’s Peak, a nutty, alpine delight from the Central Coast. Accompanied by Fruit Nut Crostinis from Rustic Bakery, they make a perfect beginning (or end) to your holiday feast.


Cowgirl Sidekick’s Delicious Happy Hour!!

We hope you can stop by Cowgirl Sidekick for their delicious Happy Hour!! Monday through Friday, 4-6pm.

Along with tasty discounted local wine, beer, and hard cider, you’ll find their infamous raclette, special menu items, and their new ‘Maclette’! This is their mac and cheese with the melty, gooey, oozy, raclette scraped over the top!



When Friends Work Together: Cowgirl Creamery and Frog Hollow Farm

There have been many cross-genre collaborations in the marketplace over the years, like Stonehouse Olive Oil using Acme bread, DELICA using Acme bread, Blue Bottle using Acme bread… wait… But seriously. There have been many moments of the merchants in our marketplace working together that inspire and are inspired, and the newest one is Cowgirl Creamery and Frog Hollow Farm! Farmer Al of Frog Hollow Farm and Cowgirl Creamery co-founder Peggy Smith have been friends for years, working as shop neighbors for years at farmers’ markets and in our marketplace. Both Frog Hollow and Cowgirl are committed to Organic Ag and producing delicious food. And now we get to reap the benefits of that friendship! Cowgirl Creamery’s very own Sue Conley will pair some of Northern California’s most iconic cheeses—Mt. Tam, Estero Gold Reserve and Seascape— with Frog Hollow Farms fresh fruits, dried fruits, conserves and baked goods. All you need to do is order online and open the box when it arrives! So for your aunty who visited last year and can’t stop talking about her visit to the building, you can now send her a taste of the place for a limited time. And when that limited time is over, just come on down and visit us!

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