Bee D’Vine

Bee d’Vine offers four varieties of honey wine crafted locally in Sonoma County by conservationist-turned-winemaker Ayele Solomon. With a commitment to using the purest local ingredients, Solomon uses raw honey from throughout California to create his product. The honey is simply combined with pure spring water (NO GRAPES USED) before being aged in wine barrels for an average of 10-15 months, resulting in a smooth, tannin-free alcoholic beverage that’s available in four varietals: Brut (dry) and Demi-Sec (semi-sweet) in both sparking and still variations. in both sparking and still variations.

Bee d’Vine’s Ferry Building shop marks its first location where visitors can sample wine flights and purchase bottles to take home. Proceeds from Bee d’Vine’s sales go toward financing modern beehive conversions in Ethiopia’s Kafa rain forest – Bee d’Vine’s founder and winemaker’s birth country – through beekeeping was the inspiration for starting the company.

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