Yes Pudding

Update: Yes Pudding is reopening Thursday, June 2nd! 

Yes Pudding is a local San Francisco small batch artisan dessert company creating a variety of puddings, specializing in custard and bread based puddings both sweet & savory. Yes Pudding started with Banana Pudding and has evolved to over 30 flavors. With both traditional and imaginative menu items, Peach Cobbler a la Mode pudding sets the tone for their menu. Yes pudding prides themselves on handcrafted recipes and seasonal features.

Visit the Yes Pudding Website for more information!

Fog City Flea Trading Post

Fog City Flea got its start as a pop up marketplace created in 2019 exclusively for the historic Ferry Building. Now a brick & mortar, Fog City Flea Trading Post is a 5000 sq. ft department store of makers & merchants from San Francisco, the Bay Area + beyond with the purpose to highlight the region’s very best in handcrafted jewelry, apparel, accessories, apothecary, housewares, art, design and well edited vintage. Fog City Flea Trading Post is thrilled to be a part of the unique, locally-sourced ethos of the Ferry Building and contribute to the creative economy of the Bay Area.

Tsar Nicoulai Caviar

Since our humble beginning in San Francisco in 1984, our goal has been to handcraft small batch American caviar without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs and synthetic preservatives. All while upholding and advancing the highest levels of sustainability. We take great pride in being the nation’s only Eco-Certified Sturgeon farm, the most awarded and rated Green “BEST CHOICE” by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

The cafe will feature a seasonal menu inspired by our farm and sprinkled with a taste of our international partners, to render a more worldly caviar experience. Follow us on social media to hear about special events, promotions and chef takeovers.

We are excited to grant caviar enthusiast, caviar novice and everything in between, direct access to our farm to table caviar journey.

Mishka Dog Boutique

We believe that our dogs should eat as healthy as we do. That’s why MISHKA treats are treats like no other. They’re not just spectacular in design, but are made from 100% natural ingredients. They are always created with fresh ingredients – and free from preservatives, artificial colors of fillers.

A beautiful treat becomes more special for a dog and their owner. Feeding a MISHKA Cake to your dog becomes more than just a basic necessity, it becomes an act of love that is fun to share with your friends and family. Our incredibly loyal customers, and the many MISHKA moments they share on Instagram are a testament to that.

We’re looking forward to many more dogs joining our MISHKA family.

Maison Verbena

Maison Verbena is a young, small and dynamic business that is dedicated to innovation. Maison Verbena has a passion for sustainable beauty and a goal to inspire and bring the idea of “fashion marketing” to US-made soy candles and goat milk soap. The word “Maison” means house in French, and serves as the centerpiece of Maison Verbena logo by capturing the essence of Victorian architecture. Their slogan, “The Basics of Beautiful Living,” is cohesively portrayed across their various platforms and communication outlets.

San Francisco is a perfect fit for Maison Verbena’s forward thinking philosophy, as their business system revolves around sustainability, collaboration, inclusion, eco-consciousness, and social responsibility. They believe the Bay Area is the perfect environment for a great product to tightly align with a very sophisticated but simplistic market.


Cheesequakes, made in San Francisco, are all natural, creamy, and moist with a luxurious crust and flavors that, like San Franciscans, are sophisticated and unusual.

A local, family owned business dedicated to using the finest ingredients to make memorably delicious, Cheesequakes makes all their cheesecakes from scratch. They elevate a very traditional dessert by creating unusual and locally inspired flavors, as well as their own take on old favorites.

Using rBST hormone Free cream cheese, butter, milk and sour cream, Cheesequakes has also created their own graham cracker and chocolate cookie recipes and use crumbs from those cookies in their crusts. They also source all their specialty ingredients from local vendors such as Inna Jam and Far West Fungi.

Stonehouse California Olive Oil

Stonehouse California Olive Oil sells its signature locally-grown olive oils in bottle and bulk, along with vinegars, spices, a few thoughtful kitchen basics, and samplers.

The company is best known for its wide selection of classic Extra Virgin Olive Oils as well as citrus, herb and spicy olive oils made by crushing fresh local fruit and herbs along with the olives to flavor the oil. They carry a wide variety of recipe cards with their products —  use them for dipping, salads, finishing, cooking, baking and more!

Stonehouse’s Extra Virgin Olive Oils have won many prestigious awards, including gold, silver and bronze medals at the annual L.A. County Fair, which hosts the largest olive oil competition in the world.

Be sure to try their award-winning Basil, as well as their popular citrus oils – Lisbon Lemon, Blood Orange and Persian Lime. Stonehouse also offers olive oil refills – please call for the current oils on tap!