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The Peet's store in the Ferry Building features fresh, Deep-Roasted™ whole-bean coffees and premium hand-selected teas that have earned the company an international reputation for quality. Like all Peet's stores, the Ferry Building store features a dedicated bean counter offering more than 30 types of whole-bean coffees, including unique single-origin coffees and distinctive, signature blends.  Each coffee is roasted daily in an artisan fashion to consistently capture the fullest flavors of each bean and delivered fresh from "roaster-to-cup" as quickly as possible.

Peet's prides itself on being a "Fresh Market" for artisan whole bean coffees, much like a butcher shop or produce stand prides itself on offering the freshest and highest quality meats or produce.  Beans are ordered and roasted only as needed, and roast dates are monitored carefully.  Peet's coffee experts -- affectionately known as Peetniks -- scoop coffee beans by hand to each customer's individual order.  A complete menu of beverages, prepared by hand to exacting standards and specifications, are also offered as a way for customers to sample the beans.


Monday-Friday: 6am–8pm
Saturday: 6:30am–8pm
Sunday:  6:30am–7pm


(415) 593-3831

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