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Saturday Feb 13

11 a.m.

Eric Tucker Cooking Demo

Join Chef Eric Tucker on Saturday February 13 at 11 am in the CUESA Kitchen for a delicious and lovingly prepared vegetarian cooking demo. Eric is the chef at   Millennium - where he creates a gourmet dining experience out of vegetarian, healthy, and environmentally friendly foods.

Tucker's cooking style embraces traditional concepts along with unique interpretations of ethnic cuisine. He eschews dairy products, eggs, oil, or other high-fat animal products, but his dishes have been praised for their innovative combinations and unexpectedly rich flavors. In the introduction of his cookbook, Tucker states, "Our food is a celebration - Our food is exciting because we pay as much attention to flavor, texture, and visual appeal as we do to the food's healthful qualities. Down here in the kitchen, we do what we do out of love of food and love for the creative process." His imaginative flair is evident in hallmark dishes such as Plantain Torte with tropical fruit salsa and romesco sauce, Asian Udon Cake (seared udon cake with saute of Asian vegetables, oyster mushrooms, smoked tofu, kaffir lime, Thai basil coconut curry, spicy grilled pineapple sambal, mixed sprouts), Carrot Lasagnette (carrot pasta sheets layered with Meyer lemon, spring garlic, tahini cream and roasted baby carrots, topped with pinenut gremolata, baby herbs and truffle oil) and the New Millennium Plate, with seitan medallions or marinated tempeh, crimini and shiitake mushrooms, olive oil mashed potatoes and Marsala mushroom sauce.

Tucker is passionate about the health benefits of following a vegetarian or near vegetarian diet. "My mission is to show the public that you don't have to compromise flavor and texture as you cut out harmful, high-fat animal products and oil. At Millennium we definitely dispel the stereotypes and misconceptions held by many about low-fat and vegan cuisine."


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