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We are very committed to the artisan food community and to fostering the values of that community here at the Ferry Building. We envision the Ferry Building Marketplace as a vibrant gathering of local farmers, artisan producers, and independently owned and operated food businesses and the customers they serve. We are creating a community of like-minded people that will:

  • Showcase small regional producers that practice traditional farming or production techniques and who develop personal relationships with their customers.
  • Promote the Bay Area's vast ethnic diversity and serve and an incubator for artisan producers who are returning to sustainable methods of agriculture and production.
  • Provide a central location for the promotion of the world-class food and wine producing regions of Northern California and recognize wine's connection to our rich regional cuisine.
  • Collaborate with local transit authorities to build strong regional ties to the Ferry Building and support the revitalization of the San Francisco waterfront.
  • Operate as a community gathering-place for the celebration of local culture and cuisine.
Equity Office

Equity Office is the controlling member and the principal financial investor in the project.


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